Urbanstep is 19 years old bass music producer from Latvia, EU. He's been in love with music since early childhood, his first favorite band was Eiffel 65, Italian house music project. As time passed by, he was searching his main music and then came September 2010 when he discovered Dubstep. Dubstep got him into bass music completely, although he was experimenting with different DAW's in 2011, he really started producing in April 2012, starting with his collaboration project with Puffin, track entitled "Flying". That track didn't give him much attention, but it was stepping stone in his career. In September 2012 he released his drumstep "Stones" EP. Which also wasn't so succesful. Big things started when he created "Close The Doors" - 4 drop track that has stolen people hearts around the world, now he's working on new album, entitled "Welcome To Wonderland", meanwhile raising attention around himself. Interesting fact about him is that he loves melodic music, but even more he loves bass music, he combines that & creates his tracks. Currently signed on his own label: Urban Stars Records, although he has support from other big labels.




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